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Boston College Class of 2017 Waitlist Thread

jdevv10jdevv10 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
edited June 2013 in Boston College
For everyone who is dying to get into BC and got put on the waitlist, feel free to discuss here.
How hard is it to get off the waitlist? What can I do to better my chances? When exactly will we find out? I've seen statistics online that they took 4% of people on the waitlist and people find out around late may.
I'm worried sick...
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Replies to: Boston College Class of 2017 Waitlist Thread

  • jpm50jpm50 Posts: 696Registered User Member
    > How hard is it to get off the waitlist?
    Recent year's percentages have been very low.

    > What can I do to better my chances?
    The advice an adcom (friend of mine) once told me is to send the school a one page letter, from you, stating that you're interested, and with any "new" information. Do not rehash any information that they already have. Do not send new recommendations.

    > When exactly will we find out?
    It should be documented somewhere, but it's usually after May 1st (when BC will know if and how deep it will need to use its waitlist.)

    As it's been stated many times, you would be well advised to now focus on your "Plan B" school. Nothing is in your control that will help you get off the waitlist.
  • billyblazebillyblaze Posts: 7Registered User New Member
    You can not predict if BC will be going to the waitlist this year based on last year. Last year BC's yield was way up & they got deposits from hundreds more than expected. That is why BC has so many forced triples this year in freshman housing. BC made an effort to reduce the amount of applications this year by adding a supplementary essay. It worked as applications were down 26% this year. In addition BC accepted 2000 less students this year than last year in order to fill the same number of seats. The thought process is that the yield will be even higher this year. Last year no one "officially" came off the wait list. My guess is this year a few will. Good Luck!
  • jdevv10jdevv10 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    Thank you two very much for your advise. It has been incredibly helful to my cause. I have currently e-mailed the admissions representative of my area letting her know of my continued interest in Boston College. I also visited Boston College this weekend and went to the admissions office to leave a note with my name saying I stopped by! As you can tell, I'm incredibly passionate about getting in haha.

    All I can do right now is hope! Thanks again
  • bluebayoubluebayou Posts: 21,708Registered User Senior Member
    search for past threads by a poster named, scottj.

    He has some great advice for crafting that 'why BC is a great fit' letter.

    Good luck.
  • jdevv10jdevv10 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    I'll be sure to contact him - Thank you very much, bluebayou.
  • jdevv10jdevv10 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    Likewise, has anyone seemed to notice that there has not been as much discussion this year about the waitlist than in years before?
  • petreavolubilispetreavolubilis Posts: 59Registered User Junior Member
    Hum...may have to do with the fact many questions have already been answered in other waitlist threads...
  • ReachSchoolReachSchool Posts: 8Registered User New Member
    any news updates on the waitlist this year?
  • petreavolubilispetreavolubilis Posts: 59Registered User Junior Member
    Finally, someone who is as anxious as I am regarding this topic! From another thread which I answered here is my analysis: BC received 25000 applications or so. It accepted 7000 and put 6000 in waitlist. Assuming that the yield goes up from 25% (because they are stronger students) to let's say 27%, then the class of 2017 with have only 1890 from the accepted pool. BC's Class of 2017 will have 2250 students, so BC will be 360 short. From those 6000 put in waitlist, possibly 2000 will accept being put in BC's waitlist. So...now here it goes, I foresee that BC will offer acceptance letters to anywhere between 300 - 600 waitlisters. Why? Because by the time BC comes around to the waitlisters, some even those who initially placed themselves in its waitlist....have lost interest in BC and/or have become enthusiastic with the school that they have already placed a deposit in May 1 and a school that they have had a whole entire month to fall in love with. There will still be those, who want BC so badly that they will accept immediately if offered a chance. Out of those 600 offered acceptance, will come the 360 they need to fill the class up. BC decided to require an additional essay that they knew would reduce the # of applicants. But if the # of applicants come down, rankings are affected. How to handle that? By reducing the acceptance rate...and indeed they did. They accepted only 7000 or 2000 short from last year. But what do we do coming short in our class? Put an equally large # of good very qualified students in the waitlist. Essentially they are sorta accepting 13,000 students but only 7000 matter for USNWR. The 6000 don't matter for USNWR rankings and they won't say that they will offer 600 spots to waitlisters...they will say that 300 or so waitlisters were accepted. The way I see it is that they sent Acceptance letters to superb applicants that don't want BC but who will only go if not accepted at an Ivy (Check out how many students are in BC Class of 2017 FB page..as of right now only 1371 students out of 7000 and it is 4/26) and sent Waitlist letters to very good students as well (but maybe not as great at those initially accepted) who do want BC and see BC as their dream school. I am thinking that their rationale is we will accept those that we want but don't want us to see who we can get and we will waitlist those who do want us...for if they truly want us, they will not get ****ed off by the fact that we put them on waitlist...they will still come when we accept them. Because believe me I am certain that BC will have to enter into their waitlist this year. What does everyone think? I hope I am right though.Because in the end, whatever BC does in order to fill their class up, if they do offer spots to say 600 waitlisters, it's still 600 students that have some sort of break to get in! It gives some sort of hope to these students! You might have 30% chance to get in! Please let me be right!!! and good luck to everyone out there!!!!
  • swimmerr36swimmerr36 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    I was put on the waitlist this year. The first thing I did was go and accept my place. However, on my Agora Portal it does not list that I have accepted my waitlist spot. Is there anyway to confirm that I am definitely on the waitlist. Thanks!
  • ReachSchoolReachSchool Posts: 8Registered User New Member
    wow petreavolubilis amazing analysis! I hope your right I would love to get off the bc waitlist!
  • SHHSELSHHSEL Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    WOW, petreavolubilis!!! That was amazing and I hope you are right. Boston College is my number one choice so let us hope less students accept their spots.
  • SHHSELSHHSEL Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    I reread your analysis and just out of curiosity, is there any chance that BC might actually shrink the size of their entering freshman class? If so, this might dramatically reduce the number of students taken off the wait list. Someone previously posted that Boston College actually had too many students depositing last year and would like to reduce their number of students. IF this is the case, there is no way BC is going to take off 600 student from the wait list. Frankly speaking. Additionally, in recent years the percentage of students taken off the wait list had been decreasing, your numbers would produce a great spike in their demographic. And is the class of 2017 set at 2250 students and 1890 students accepting their spots a speculation? Last year, BC had only taken off 30 students from their wait list. Increasing from 30 to 600 is a very big jump and I do not find it plausible that BC had that big of a miscalculation of their entering class of 2017. Although 600 students off the wait list would be great, I do not find this number reasonable. I feel as if 300 students is a more practical number, but even 300 is a lot compared to last year's 30. Additionally, you have mentioned the number of students that have already SIRed, but we have to keep in mind that a significant number of students do not SIR until May 1st. In whatever case, people on the wait list are great students. :) I have read previous posts regarding wait listers and it seems that BC starts their wait list on and around May 9. Right after the AP CALC test. OH, and lastly, is 360 a set number of wait list students that BC has announced they will accept according to your "Out of those 600 offered acceptance, will come the 360 they need to fill the class up." Or was this through calculation? Finally, I want to thank you for taking your time to research and find these numbers. Although I come off as slightly pessimistic, I really do want to believe that your numbers are correct! And GOOD LUCK! :)
  • petreavolubilispetreavolubilis Posts: 59Registered User Junior Member
    ReachSchool: Thank you and good luck to you!
    Shhsel: Thank you and good luck to you, too! Regarding your comments: here is my answer:

    1) I don't think that they will reduce the size of the entering freshman class. Entering classes are always around those numbers except last year which had a high yield.
    2) The class is set to be 2250 according to acceptance and waitlist letters. The 1890 is my guess according to a 27% yield. Typically, BC is less than that but being conservative and assuming that these strong candidates who did write up the supplemental essay may end up accepting BC, I put it in 27%. However, you have to understand that many of these very strong students who write these essays will not go to BC.
    3) Last years' yield was high and now BC is suffering for it - huge housing shortage problems. That is why they did the essay, to stop superfluous applications and that is why they only accepted 7000 to maintain their rankings and to be able to control who gets in via the waitlist. The way I see it is that class will be determined by those who don't want to go to BC but nevertheless have to because they were not accepted by Ivys and by those few who really want to go to BC (their dream school) and are accepted by BC via the waitlist.
    4) I think that BC did take a lot of this into consideration. I don't see it as a miscalculation on their part. They are doing their job of trying to stop superfluous applications and correcting all of this process. Unfortunately for many who applied this year, some very good students had to be put in waitlist in order to correct this situation. I am not saying that 600 will be taken off the waitlist. What I am saying is that 600 will be offered acceptances to BC and out of those 600 will come out the 360 that are needed. BC will say that 360 were taken off the waitlist not 600. And remember I truly don't think that they will even say that 360 came off the waitlist. Because I agree that's a lot!
    5) If checking the number of students who have joined the FB group of Class of 2017 is any indication of how many students are enrolling, as of right now, 1396 are in the group and if you see the members, not all are going. And it is right now April 29th. According to this group, the yield is even worse...like a 20% (1400/7000) which would mean that BC would have to go even deeper into their waitlist.
    6) All of this believe me are purely my calculations and predictions about what happened and what will/may happen.
    7) Gee thanks! I just became intrigued as to the whole process and why so many good students were waitlisted. And then became interested in determining what are their chances of getting in.
    8) I am like you...one side of me wants to truly believe what I am saying...and the other is pessimistic.
    9) About the date they start entering into the waitlist...I read in some other thread that sometimes they enter after May 7. My guess (again jajajaja!) is that they are already preparing the waitlist acceptance but will start sending them after May 7.

    Good luck to both of you!! and to anyone who reads this thread and has been waitlisted!!!
  • SHHSELSHHSEL Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    Thank you! Thank you, thank you! I fully understand your analysis now. :)
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